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Orbit is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal of contemporary American literature. We welcome broad and imaginative definitions of "American literature" that extend geographies beyond the United States. We publish special and general issues in a rolling format and welcome application from qualified parties to coordinate special issues.

Latest News Posts
New Publication: Special Issue on Percival Everett
Posted by Sascha Pöhlmann on 2023-11-09

Orbit is proud to announce the publication of a special issue on the novels of Percival Everett, one of the most prolific, unique, and multifaceted writers in contemporary American literature.The introduction to the issue initially offers a general overview of his works and then focuses on Dr. No, while the other seven essays address Frenzy, Telephone, The Trees, American Desert, Walk Me to the [...]

Call for Contributions: Special Issue on Indigenous Speculative Fiction
Posted by Sascha Pöhlmann on 2023-10-05

The various genres under the umbrella of speculative fiction – including but not limited to science fiction, fantasy, horror, and alternate history – have long been popular across diverse reading audiences. More importantly, authors have used these genres to provide thoughtful commentary about and insightful criticism of our contemporary world. And this has been [...]